søndag 26. juni 2011

summer scrapbooking

 ...natural make-up...
 ...high heel sandals...
  ..give me a bicycle.. I'm dreaming of a white retro kind..
...laces, feathers, white, leather...
...early sunny mornings...
Images: weheartit

torsdag 23. juni 2011

no words...

... can describe this picture. I'm obsessed with it. The big braid, the golden skin, the white bikini, the colours.. It's like this summergirl is alone in the world, I think it's so beautiful.. (I don't know the source of it, as I've had it on my computer for quite a while, and the blog where I got it from neither knew the source)

onsdag 22. juni 2011

new pink baby

Ah, I'm in love! Marc Jacobs quilted cross-body shoulder bag. (found it on the SS11 sale on luisaviaroma.com) It's perfect for this summer's colourblocking trend, but I think I'll wear it with a simple outfit in black or beige, and let the bag get in focus. What do you think? It's really barbie-ish, I know, and far from my style, but I think thats why I felt like having it!

mandag 20. juni 2011


                  Source: weheartit

Dreaming of beachy waves and braids.. sexy, cute and stylish.

torsdag 16. juni 2011

onsdag 15. juni 2011

skinny jeans and pretty pumps

 Photosource: weheartit, miriscastle
I'm a huge fan of the Isabel Marant look with pretty bow pumps and tight trouses or jeans this summer.. So chic and classy, yet not boring! I think the first picture, with black pumps and bleached jeans, is my favorite. If you like this look, don't forget a narrow belt and an oversized knit or a loose-fit blazer to complete it!

søndag 12. juni 2011


 love the bag, the bracelet.. the whole look.
 love those shades
 Celine Boston Tote in black, I want!
..and Celine Box Bag in brown. yum!
photosource: weheartit

sunday scrapbooking....

fredag 10. juni 2011


New lovebites from H&M. I'll wear them with maxidresses or jumpsuits, or very simple with a jeansshorts and a plain tee..

onsdag 8. juni 2011

my white summerdresses

Favorite styling of my white summerdresses

 with skyhigh heels, or flat sandals..
 with black or navyblue blazers.. feathers or golden details..
 with aviators and leatherjacket..
or simply just huge, black sunglasses..

Agree? :)

torsdag 2. juni 2011


Converse// grey tee// brown leather bag from Camden Market
This necklace was made by my cousin several years ago, as she was little girl. The tiny shell is from a beach in the north of Norway were we sometimes spend our summer. I love the rough edges of it! Personal accessories, yes please!


This brown leatherbelt is perfect. Want-need-must-have!