torsdag 8. juli 2010


Tee: Diesel
Sunglasses: Vero Moda
Boots: DinSko
It's time for a piece of original norwegian nature and culture! I'm going up north to this beautiful island called Meløy.. Ten days of relaxation with the family in the white summerhouse. Mountain-hiking, cloudberries, the beach, bright summernights, taking the bicycle for a ride and bying icecream at the local marked... I haven't been there for three years, and I can't wait to be back. I'm leaving in the early morning..
I'll see you when I get back.. Have a joyful summer!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Like your tee! Have a nice trip!

  2. Det høres utrolig deilig ut!! Kos deg MASSE!:-)

  3. Hørtes herlig ut!Ha en fin ferie!:)

  4. sleek and chic, love it:)