torsdag 27. mai 2010

Alexander Wang sweatpants

I'm in love with my new Alexander Wang sweatpants. As I often wear comfy clothes, why not be doing it and still be a little fashionable? Christine Centenera in the last two pictures, taken from StockholmStreetstyle

mandag 24. mai 2010

Beauty icon: Lauren Hutton

The model Lauren Hutton was gorgeous in her younger days... A natural beauty with a great sense of style. Perfect summer inspo!
Source: Pictures taken from the book Influence by MK and Ashley Olsen

fredag 21. mai 2010

Put a scarf on your head

Tights, white tunic, sunglasses and blazer from H&M, Scarf from a streetmarked in Paris

Summer breeze- comfy outfit for long hours on a plane..

onsdag 12. mai 2010


I'm off to Alanya for a week with my mum and my sister...
 Today it was snowing in Bergen. Imagine that.

søndag 9. mai 2010

Key philosophy- simplicity

A random collection of old gold and silver bracelets.. I've been wearing this for a couple of months now, I like how the simplicity goes with everything..

torsdag 6. mai 2010

Inspiration from Paris...

I'm in love with this.... Beige, blue, white and pure.. Sunkissed skin in stripes, dots and with simple jewelry. Big sunglasses and a latte s'il vous plait!