onsdag 23. desember 2009

My christmas....


Home-made cookies

All hearts and angels

Christmas decoration made by kristiane

søndag 13. desember 2009

Have 'em for dessert!

Fruit, cake and heels in beautiful harmony. Short on space for your shoes? Use the refrigerator if necessarily....

onsdag 9. desember 2009

Nail Candy

Images: Stolen from all around and kept in my inspiration-folder
Bring the accessories and colors of summer into this winter, mix them with black, studs, chains and candy nails.

fredag 4. desember 2009

Vendredi a carreaux

Shirt: Uniqlo, bag: Camden Market, boots: Vagabond.
I'm done with all my exams! Had my final one today, oral french. Feels good! Mama, I'm coming home!!

onsdag 2. desember 2009


From the december issue of Vogue Paris. Once again "Model of the year" Lara Stone is styled by Carine Roitfeld herself. Lara is everywhere, and Vogue all over the world adores her. She is gorgeous indeed, but how talented! This woman can be shot and styled in any different way, and she works it all!