mandag 26. oktober 2009

Today I miss home

As I'm sharing a bedroom with three other people, and all I have here is one single bed, I'm really longing for my room back home.

Yes, this is actually a sticker. I couldn't have a real one.

I miss having tea with my mum in our white livingroom..

I even miss my car.
In six weeks my stay in Paris is over, and I'll hopefully pass my exams before heading back home. The time goes by so fast, it's scary. I'm trying to enjoy every day, don't want to regret missing something out. Yet I'm feeling that I still have so much left to see and do here..
Today I miss home. In seven weeks I'll be missing Paris.

4 kommentarer:

  1. We are looking forward to see you back home for christmas, miss you a lot.

    Lots of love from mom.

  2. baby.. elsker bloggen din! kunne ikke gledet meg mer til du kommer hjem. kyss på snuten fra thea