torsdag 8. oktober 2009


My day in school ended earlier than scheduled, and the weather was pretty nice, so I just tossed around alone, enjoying it. I bought a quite tasty chicken-curry sandwich for lunch, found myself a bench and observed the ugly pigeons and the parisian people passing by.

Before I went for...

...some accessorie- shopping! La fayette had a sale going on, and I just loved all of these things! I don't buy new accessories often, as I actually feel that I don't wear all the ones I already have often enough. But wearing such a simple outfit as today, seriously demands some jewellery!

4 kommentarer:

  1. great outfit, you're gorgeous

  2. thanks for your visit to my blog!
    ahh you're in Paris studying! how amazing, i definitely NEED to plan a visit to the fashion capital while i'm over here!
    those accessories are so cute, very victorian looking and vintage-inspired- i like!

  3. Love the look, very Parisian! & I totally have the same problem forcing myself to replace my jewelry collection =]

  4. Pretty! Jeg liker det :) Bor du i Paris ? Lucky you :))