onsdag 21. oktober 2009


You can barely see it on the floor, but there you have my new bag bought in London. I love it more than I love myself! ;)
Chocolate java chip frappuccino. Obsessed.

Bag: Zara, Kneehighs: Topshop, Boots: Vagabond, Sweater: BikBok
It's been raining in Paris all day..

... and I went back to Starbucks today as well. And like yesterday I sat there for more than three hours studying my french and marketing. I love the atmosphere there, it's really cozy. There is a Starbucks on every corner in this city, and I like going to the biggest ones, where there are a lot of people reading, and you can sit for hours without any of the lovely coffeemakers asking you to leave after drinking up what you bought. That's something for being one in the crowd! It's kind of amazing that I actually get to focus more on my reading sitting in a busy coffeeshop than at home. The reason though; my room-mates and our tiiiiny apartment.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg får cravings av starbucks-snadderet ditt ;)

  2. Forstår du koser deg på starbucks! har du lært mye fransk? ps dødfin blogg :)))))

  3. Åh, tenk å kunne sitte sånn da! Få Starbucks til Norge sier jeg bare..
    Btw, hvor kjøpte du den brune vesken sa du? Altså, hvilket merke/butikk?

  4. i agree that the best thing about starbucks is great place to sit down and do your own thing! i also like the grey/black combo of your outfit - very simply, comfy and chic! xoxo

  5. Love your sweater (outfit number two)
    And I love starbucks too, iced coffee with caramel cream is my favorite!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  6. I am loving those boots....and yes, im a starbucks addict ...im craving one now thanks to you :P

  7. Skulle ønske vi hade Starbucks i Norge!! Fine bilder=)

  8. Håret ditt er bere helt fantastisk, kva slags hår produkt og merker bruker du?